24/7 Dispatch Center

24/7 Dispatch CenterIn addition to providing concierge and guard services, we have created a Dispatch Center to respond to and deal with any security issue. To assist you in a matter of emergency and customer support, we are available for 24 hours 7 days a week.

Our on-site security guards are monitored and are required to call-in regularly to our 24 hours computerized staff call-in line. We back up our site staff with mobile support around the clock. Our support is available to you when you call.

Building Long-term Relationships

Having been in the security industry since 1978, we have developed relationships with not only other security companies but police department as well to better serve our clients. A contract with probe security ensures that during a time of crisis and extreme circumstance, we provide the right help. Our staff is trained to act quickly and to give aid as necessary during incidents which otherwise would escalate fears and worry the residents and public alike. We want property managers, residents, guests, and trade personals to be assured that Probe Security is present and fit for duty.

Bringing Safety & Peace Of Mind To Community

Probe Investigation & Security Services Ltd. is an expert security company with well trained and supervised security staff. We believe and work on the principle that quality is the base of earning a reputation in the security industry. This is the reason why we are counted among the most qualified and competitively priced companies.

With a dispatch center, we not only ensure security but also round the clock assistance, in case an emergency arises. We are proud and over-whelmed to work directly with the top builders, developers and management companies in GTA.

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