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condominium-conciergeProbe Investigation & Security Services Ltd. is a trusted security company in Toronto that strives to deliver a competitive edge to its clients when it comes to best-in-class security. Since our inception, we are continuously providing on-demand concierge services for condominiums. Our years of experience and responsibility towards your security allows us the opportunity to build long lasting relationships with our loyal clients.

What We Do?

Being your locally operated and family owned condo concierge service provider, we fulfill standard duties you are looking for. Our concierges understand the busy lifestyle of the residents and are always flexible with their approach.

  • Conflict resolution training
  • Desk services
  • Lawful subject control
  • Ongoing safety & emergency patrol
  • Underground garage security
  • Alarm response protocol
  • Restricts unauthorized entries
  • Keeps track of visitor parking
  • Manage vehicle movement
  • Parking offenses
  • Security system use
  • Security access control
  • Contractor supervision
  • Tenant rule enforcement
  • Parcel and mail security
  • Assists the building manager

Why Choose Probe Security For Concierge Service?

In simple words, a concierge is an ambassador for your building. He is the first line of control when it comes to safety and security. At Probe Security, we know that first impressions are critical to earn the reputation and trust of the client. With our well-presented and experienced concierges, you’ll get a lot more than just a five-star greeting. No matter, what time of the day it is, you can expect our concierge to:

  • Perform his duty efficiently
  • Maintain strict confidentiality
  • Be friendly and courteous
  • Be proactive, honest & reliable

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