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Probe Access Security Software for Condominium Use

PassThis Software is Probe’s thoughtful, tailored, site-based Access Security System. This Software is Probe’s privacy protected, software support system specially designed for condominium use. Probe has seen to it that this Software technology is happily married with our client-care, front desk guest services to enhance a lifestyle of choice allowing residents a simple ease of access to their building’s amenities.

No longer, as with out-of-date guarding companies, does a guest-resident cue for bookings. No longer does a resident line-up for expected services. No longer is there disappointment waiting for a concierge who’s on patrol and away from the lobby. Rather, immediately and with convenience from within the comfort of their suite, at a time when convenient to them, using Probe’s Software, all suites are given the liberty to use and free to decide on-line when and how they are going to enjoy the resident services which they paid for in their condominium fees.

Probe Security Service continues efficiently and effectively to work with Property Managers and Building Operators to protect people and property; that remains the same. But, NOW, with this Condominium Software, Probe exceeds client expectations to create a lifestyle for residents which is freeing, unique and forward-thinking.

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