Site Orientation

Site OrientationPrior to the commencement of duties at a specific site, a supervisor or operation manager shall give concierges a general orientation of the facility. Following site orientation, each concierge must be familiar with:

  • The patrol requirements of the site.
  • The general orders and specific site orders.
  • The physical layout of the facility (residential, commercial retail, commercial garage).
  • The location of communicative links (telephone, including emergency telephones).
  • The location of fire alarm pull boxes.
  • The location of security monitoring equipment.
  • The location where all stairways and doorways lead.
  • The location where all materials are stored.
  • The location of firefighting equipment.
  • The location of the fire and emergency plan, post orders and instruction memoranda.
  • The location of control rooms, shut-off switches and valves for water, power, steam, etc.

If any of the above areas are not clear, immediately seek the advice and assistance of a supervisor. There will be a site examination administered to all new staff within four days of their introduction to any new site or post to ensure full familiarity with these areas.

Chain Of Command

This being a Condominium, the Concierge Staff will take direction from Probe Investigation & Security Services and the Property Manager in all matters. The Concierge will also take direction from the Property Manager in matters involving Building Procedures and Operations.

However, should any of the above given instructions that are directly in contradiction of the instructions contained in the Manual, Probe Investigation & Security Services is to be advised immediately. Should the instructions involve actions contrary to Federal, Provincial or Municipal Legislation, or expose the Condominium or its occupants to risk or other liability, the person making the request is to be referred to the Property Manager and/ or Probe Investigation & Security Services before any action is taken.

Further, should the instruction be of a permanent or ongoing nature, involve the operation of building systems, or be above and beyond the normal scope of the Concierge/ Security Officer’s training or abilities, Probe Investigation & Security Services must be notified of the request as soon as possible, even though the individual Concierge is able to comply.

Instructions from any other person, unless specifically authorized by the Board to give such instructions, are to be politely declined and the person making the request referred to the Property Manager. Any such instruction, whether or not complied with, is to be fully documented in the Shift Report, together with the name and position of the person making the request.

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