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Condo Concierge Services

Providing a safe and secure residence for your condo community is always top of mind. At Probe Security, we’ve been providing trusted condo concierge services to prominent condo properties since 1978.

Our condominium concierge services are designed to provide best-in-class security, where residents and guests are always greeted with a smile and commitment to keeping the property safe is a top priority.

Probe Security’s professional concierge security services reflect well on you, supporting your goal to maintain a safe and inviting property that stands out for its operational excellence. Our on-demand concierge services are first-class, with a focus on quality, customization and offering exceptional experiences to your residents and staff.

We believe in building long-lasting relationships and establishing Probe Security as an essential member of your condo community.

Probe Security: Concierge Security That Goes Above and Beyond

As one of the longest-running Toronto security companies in operation, Probe Security is the best option for protecting your property and meeting the high expectations of your board members and residents.

We believe that to provide stellar concierge security services to our clients, we must go that extra mile to understand your needs and create customized solutions specific to your property and the culture of your condo community.

Our concierges are trained to perform the specific duties required for your site, which is at the core of our tailored concierge security services.

We act as ambassadors, providing the first line of contact when people enter the building. As a result, our presence is a deterrent for unauthorized visitors while providing a warm, professional welcome for residents and their guests.

At Probe Security, our condominium concierge services are not limited to security; we also strive to create a positive first impression to maintain the reputation of your condo corporation while delivering excellent customer service.

We are committed to superior performance and service, ensuring our concierges consistently exceed your expectations, including:

  • Performing duties efficiently
  • Maintaining strict confidentiality
  • Being friendly, courteous, and accommodating
  • Being proactive, honest and reliable

Top-Rated Condo Concierge Security Services

You can depend on Probe to enhance condo security and resident satisfaction as a constant presence at your front desk. We tailor our services to meet your condo community’s needs, setting the highest standards for the following:

Tailored Concierge and Security Services

As your concierge, we fulfil all the standard duties you expect in hand with customized requests specific to your condominium. Through a more flexible approach to our condo concierge services, you can feel confident we are there to support your community with a comprehensive list of services, including:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Front desk services
  • Lawful subject control
  • Ongoing safety & emergency patrol
  • Underground garage security
  • Alarm response protocol
  • Unauthorized entry restriction
  • Visitor parking and vehicle management
  • Security system use
  • Security access control
  • Contractor supervision
  • Tenant rule enforcement
  • Parcel and mail security
  • Building management assistance
  • Access control

Visitor Management

Your residents and condo owners can depend on our concierges to offer a warm welcome and assistance. They can also depend on us to assist their guests. However, any visitors who enter the building must prove they have an authorized purpose before our concierge permits them to enter.

We are your first defence against unwelcome visitors, protecting your property and residents’ safety.

Emergency Response Management

We ensure our concierges are fully trained in emergency response management protocols to help keep residents calm and provide instructions for safely leaving the building.

As part of concierge training, they are aware of the location of firefighting equipment and are trained in your condominium’s fire and emergency plan, post orders and instruction memoranda.

Package and Mail Handling

Receiving deliveries is an important role for our condominium concierges, who are trained in accepting packages and handling mail.

Whether managing the pickup of parcels for residents or ensuring packages are secured until they reach the resident’s hands, we manage outgoing and incoming mail professionally and efficiently.

Begin Your Career in Concierge Security Today

If you are seeking a career in concierge security in the GTA, Probe Security hires the best and most capable applicants. We support your development and career from the very start, providing a thorough training program to ensure you develop the skills required to meet our clients’ high standards.

We offer more than just a job, but instead, set you on the path to a fulfilling career. You will develop the skills required to enter a wide variety of industries, from hospitality to security, and customer service to property management.

We take pride in the fact that our security positions encompass a wide variety of duties to expand your horizons, and offer a competitive salary, flexible hours, and comprehensive benefits. If you are seeking a career in security and concierge services, you’ll discover a team of like-minded professionals, supportive management and ongoing training at Probe.

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