Concierge Service Scarborough

Whether you are a condominium manager or board member, you are responsible for creating a welcoming community where residents, staff, and visitors feel safe. The best solution is a trustworthy concierge service Scarborough property managers trust.

Since 1978, Probe Security has offered condo concierge services in Scarborough with customized solutions that meet your needs.

We ensure your first line of defence makes residents feel at home while protecting against intruders. We take pride in our thorough recruitment and training process that ensures every Probe concierge is hand-picked by our experts to guarantee we provide superior service with every interaction.

Probe assists condo property managers, boards, and corporations with the reliable concierge professionals Scarborough residents need to protect their homes. We are an established company that has repeatedly proven itself for over 45 years.

Throughout our decades of service, our concierges have become valued members of Scarborough condo communities, making life easier, setting minds at ease and acting as a constant reminder that only authorized visitors are permitted.

Concierge Service Scarborough

Professional Condo Security Services in Scarborough

Probe Security’s front desk services in Scarborough prioritize resident safety and asset protection above all else. Scarborough condominium managers choose our team because we only assign highly trained and experienced concierge professionals to their communities.

We have become the face of many communities, offering a friendly smile while acting to deter intruders from entering the property. We train our concierges to understand the importance of being approachable while keeping their eyes open to identify possible threats.

You want the people entering your condominium to be greeted by a constant presence that creates a sense of security, welcoming residents and guests while creating an obstacle for uninvited visitors.

Probe’s 45-plus years in the security business provide unique insights into the importance of customized solutions to meet the diverse needs of Scarborough communities. Our tailor-made solutions address key issues and ensure our concierges are well aware of considerations specific to your residents and their visitors.

We also consider the staff at your condominium and how our concierges fit in with your existing team. All of these details make it possible for us to deliver effective, exceptional services and resident experiences.

We also associate our success with our strict recruitment process that includes a thorough screening process involving in person interviews, background checks and reference confirmation. Our Scarborough concierges must demonstrate they share a commitment to our values and beliefs, including:

  • Performing duties efficiently
  • Maintaining strict confidentiality
  • Being friendly and courteous
  • Being proactive, honest and reliable

Training goes beyond our own process. We also provide onsite training based on the specific services you have requested, your processes and the orientation of the entire property layout. This is an essential step in training, ensuring our concierges understand vulnerabilities and the diverse needs of your staff and residents.

Concierge Security Services Tailored to Your Building

Our customized concierge security services in Scarborough include the following:

Concierge and Security Services

At Probe Security, we don’t believe in basic services, and view customization as an essential part of any concierge or security service. This belief elevates our services, assuring we deliver superior protection, including but not limited to:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Front desk services
  • Lawful subject control
  • Ongoing safety & emergency patrol
  • Underground garage security
  • Alarm response protocol
  • Unauthorized entry restriction
  • Visitor parking and vehicle management
  • Security system use
  • Contractor supervision
  • Tenant rule enforcement
  • Parcel and mail security
  • Building management assistance
  • Access control

Front Desk and Visitor Management

We would not be where we are today without prioritizing concierge training from the beginning.

Our training program builds skilled concierges who understand the importance of balancing warm welcomes with the ability to quickly assess visitors to determine their purpose before permitting them to enter the building. This is how we ensure we capably manage your front desk on a daily basis.

That watchful eye keeps intruders at bay. Backed up by proven protocols, we train our concierges on how to skillfully interact with each visitor in a friendly yet professional manner and deal discreetly with unauthorized visitors.

Emergency Response

Your response to emergency situations can make the difference between life and death for anyone in the building.

Our concierges provide crucial support and backup when emergencies occur, with thorough training in your emergency response and management protocols, the location of firefighting equipment, and your condominium’s fire and emergency plans.

Quick action and calm leadership set the tone needed to ensure everyone is led to safety as quickly as possible.

Package and Mail Management

Condominium lobbies can be busy places with people coming and going and packages and mail arriving throughout the day. Our concierges help create an organized flow of mail and packages to avoid lost deliveries, so they always arrive in the right hands.

Access Control

Advancements in access control can present a challenge for condominiums using outdated methods. Probe has the expertise to guide your access protocols.

We provide assessments of current systems, find vulnerabilities and make recommendations to improve existing systems to mitigate risks. We are also up-to-date on the latest technology.

Additional Security Services in Scarborough

Our additional security services help cover all your bases, including:

Construction Patrol Guards Scarborough

We protect construction sites with 24/7 monitoring to help prevent vandalism, theft and other criminal activity. Our Probe security specialists include:

  • Security guards
  • Elevator guards
  • Fire watch
  • Traffic control
  • Parking control
  • Emergency guard services

24/7 Security Guard Services Available

Probe’s 24/7 security guard services include a Dispatch Centre and backup for our on-site security guards during an emergency.

Our security guards also call in status reports regularly, and our onsite teams are equipped with mobile support around the clock.

Let Probe Security help you create a safe, welcoming Scarborough condo community.

Unlock a World of Security Solutions. Our Expertise Ensures Comprehensive Protection for Your Condo Community. Dive In.

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Explore Our Reach:Discover Where We Safeguard Your Community

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