Concierge Security Services in Vaughan

Condo corporations must provide a safe and welcoming environment to promote condo values and keep residents happy. However, this can only be achieved with trustworthy condo concierge services in Vaughan.

Probe Security is your Vaughan concierge service expert, offering comprehensive, customized solutions to Vaughan condos since 1978. We are one of Vaughan’s premier security services, catering specifically to condominiums.

As a result, we are uniquely qualified to meet your needs. As your first line of defence, we understand the importance of making residents feel at home while protecting against intruders.

We have an in-depth hiring and training process to ensure we can assist property managers, boards, and corporations in providing the level of service residents desire while keeping the property secure.

As an established security provider, we have successfully proven our ability to meet the needs of Vaughan condominium communities for over four decades.

Probe’s customized condo concierge service in Vaughan offers the benefits of a personal concierge Vaughan exclusive communities expect, in hand with security to elevate the level of service you offer.

Our goal is to see our concierges become valued members of your community, building trust, forging relationships and offering support to your management team.

Concierge Security Services in Vaughan

Expert Concierge Security Services in Vaughan

Probe Security’s condo concierge in Vaughan elevates your front desk service, warmly welcoming guests and residents. We also prioritize resident safety and asset protection, providing value to condo properties.

We are the top choice for Vaughan condominiums seeking a partnership with a trusted concierge security service. Our reputation speaks for itself, as well as the level of training and experience each concierge brings to your team.

As the face of many communities, we are trained to balance friendly welcomes with caution when greeting visitors so we remain approachable while reducing vulnerabilities presented by intruders. This balance is what sets us apart from other concierge and security services.

Competing with our 45-plus years in the security business is difficult. Our experience provides unique insights when recommending customized solutions due to our exposure to such a diverse collection of condominium communities.

We ensure our tailor-made solutions address any key security issues present in your building, so all vulnerabilities are addressed. Our sensitivities and respect for diverse communities ensure you maintain a commitment to inclusivity, understanding, and acceptance.

Our goal is to support your team and understand how we can help make their lives easier. Because of this, we can effectively provide exceptional services and improved resident experiences.

Probe has also continued to follow a strict recruitment process that helps separate us from other concierge services in Vaughan. Our interviews, background checks, and reference confirmation guarantee that only the cream of the crop makes it through the process.

Training doesn’t end with our internal process. It includes onsite training to ensure our concierges understand the specific services you have requested and your required processes. We provide orientation and tour the entire property to ensure our concierges understand community vulnerabilities and the specific needs of your staff and residents.

Finally, we are committed to our values, which include:

  • Performing duties efficiently
  • Maintaining strict confidentiality
  • Being friendly and courteous
  • Being proactive, honest and reliable

Customized Concierge Services and Security

We offer the following concierge services in Vaughan:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Front desk services
  • Lawful subject control
  • Ongoing safety & emergency patrol
  • Underground garage security
  • Alarm response protocol
  • Unauthorized entry restriction
  • Visitor parking and vehicle management
  • Security system use
  • Contractor supervision
  • Tenant rule enforcement
  • Parcel and mail security
  • Building management assistance
  • Access control

Dedicated Concierge and Security Services

Since 1978, we have continuously developed a comprehensive list of services to keep up with the needs of our customers.

Our customized options provide the substance you need to expand standard concierge duties to improve resident experiences. Customization is critical to any concierge or security service, as every community is different.

Access Control

With constantly changing technology in access control, it can be hard to ensure you have the best system in place to mitigate risk. Our team can guide your access decisions, offering assessments, updates, integrations and new systems to keep up with the latest technology.

Front Desk and Visitor Management

Probe Security has remained in business through our commitment to hiring the very best. In hand with thorough training, we build skilled concierges who understand the importance of friendly service and maintaining a wary eye to confirm every visitor has permission to enter the building.

As a result, our front desk and visitor management services are staffed by capable individuals who take their roles seriously.

Emergency Response

How you respond to emergencies is critical for safe evacuation and property protection. Our concierges are trained to respond to emergencies with an understanding of the proper emergency response and management protocols.

They understand the location of firefighting equipment and review your condominium’s fire and emergency plans, so they can keep calm and quickly and safely gain control of the situation.

Quick action and calm leadership ensure everyone is led to safety as quickly as possible and damage is contained.

Package and Mail Management

The hectic operations of condominium lobbies can lead to lost deliveries. We specialize in package and mail management to ensure anything picked up or delivered is tracked to create an organized flow.

We verify that all deliveries, whether coming or going, arrive safely, intact and in the hands of the intended recipient.

Trusted Security Services in Vaughan

We have added to our security services in Vaughan to meet the changing needs of our customers, including:

Construction Patrol Guards Vaughan

Construction sites are vulnerable to vandalism, theft and other criminal activity, calling for 24/7 protection with a team of trusted patrol guards. Our Probe security specialists include:

  • Security guards
  • Elevator guards
  • Fire watch
  • Traffic control
  • Parking control
  • Emergency guard services

24/7 Security Guard Services Available

Probe’s 24/7 security guard services in Vaughan include a Dispatch Centre and back up for our on-site security guards. When an emergency occurs, we are ready to jump into action to ensure your property is protected.

To maintain the highest monitoring standards, our security guards call in status reports regularly and have access to mobile support around the clock.

Let Probe Security provide the ultimate customized concierge and security solutions for your Vaughan community to keep everyone safe with the support of our trusted team members.

Unlock a World of Security Solutions. Our Expertise Ensures Comprehensive Protection for Your Condo Community. Dive In.

Explore Our Reach:Discover Where We Safeguard Your Community

Explore Our Reach:Discover Where We Safeguard Your Community

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